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If you want to learn something about the console commands fallout 4 keep reading for the further info. A console is a debugging tool inside the home windows model of fallout 4. It’s far beneficial for altering content even as in-game, however may be used to cheat too. Also, it cannot be used inside the survival mode or in console variations.That allows you to get right to entry to the console, you’ll need to apply the important thing appropriate for your language (as shown inside the list of console keys).

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The hud will disappear and you may get a prompt inside the bottom left part of the display where you can input instructions as indexed under (the console can even remember any formerly entered commands, which you can scroll by with the up and down arrow keys). While the console is open, the game will pause and the cam will freeze. If the left aspect of the console isn’t always visible, one may additionally want to edit the fallout4_default.Ini record in the set up folder. Growing the iconsoletextxpos variable will change the prompt further right into the field of view. Fallout 4 item codes do now not require turning off an Xbox/ps controller if you are the usage of one, to apply the console. If you are the usage of a controller, certainly use your keyboard to permit the console.

Keep reading to learn about the fallout 4 console commands items ,console commands fallout 4 and fallout 4 companion console commands.

Console commands fallout 4 on commands, targets, shorthands and much more:

Types of console commands fallout 4:

The fallout 4 console commands indexed here will be shown in two kinds and then formatted accordingly:

target.command – Targeted console commands fallout 4. These will either be categorized here with the player as target or target ID.

Targeted fallout 4 console commands pc also operate by choosing the target by using prid <refID> or the help of mouse.

command – Untargeted fallout 4 console commands list. Some fallout 4 pc console commands will be chosen to be used either with a target or without one, resulting in an international or centered effect.

Console commands fallout 4 Targets:

Targeted fallout 4 special console commands will require a reference as target commonly entered before the real command, as noted with the aid of the setting apart dot in between. For most people of features, a form id might be wished. As an instance, in case you want your player character (pc) to be the goal, you could:

  • Use the laptop’s reference identity: 00000014. <command>
  • Instance: 00000014.Additem 000d83bf – adds 1 pipe wrench to the computer’s inventory.
  • Left-click at the computer (at the same time as the console is open you will be given a cursor to click on gadgets/characters in the global to pick out them as targets), at the console’s header ” 00000014 [EP] will display up, indicating the identification of your pc as a goal. Now you may enter any targeted command without having to go into a goal because the console will mechanically preface it with your chosen identification. To deselect your target, simply click on it once more and it’s going to disappear from the header.
  • Example: additem 000d83bf
  • Deciding on gadgets in hard environments, and scroll wheel augmented choice: pointing and left-clicking may not pick out the anticipated object whilst in crowded surroundings, or inside the presence of objects whose boundaries expand past their visible edges. When in doubt, verify the choice with non-detrimental console commands:
  • After trying to click on an NPC, the inv (display inventory) command is a convenient validator. If an achievable inventory is proven, it’s far very possibly that the expected npc became decided on.
  • After trying to click on an arbitrary object, the command modpos z 1 can be used to increase the altitude of the chosen object by one unit (a few pixels for nearby items; much less for more remote gadgets). If the desired item movements up, the choice changed into a success. Whether or not a success or not, continually reverse the impact of that command by the use of the command modpos z -1 earlier than doing something (if the item shimmers or is blurry after modpos z -1, that may be fixed through the use of a command a good way to no longer pass the item, like modpos z 0.)
  • If the favored item turned into no longer selected, rotate the mouse’s scroll wheel to pick the subsequent object in the scene that falls in the back of the point that turned into clicked; the identity proven on the top/middle of the console will change with each increment of rotation. (If the pointer is in the console location, the console textual content may additionally scroll, however that is unrelated to the id proven. Additionally, while the use of the scroll wheel to scroll the console textual content, pay attention the scroll wheel’s dual purpose, due to the fact after scrolling, the item you originally decided on probably is not the object that is presently decided on, that may cause terrible errors.) For each new id that looks because the scroll wheel is turned around, use one among the selection verification tactics discussed above until the desired item is located.
  • If the identity of the item is already known, the paradox of mouse selection may be avoided by using the usage of the command prid 00000014 (pick out reference identification) to select a goal (the player character, in this example). To deselect it, simply enter prid.
  • Instance: prid 00000014; additem 000d83bf
  • In case of the player man or woman, you may sincerely simply use “player” as a reference identification which the console will mechanically convert to 00000014 upon executing the command. This is the best such placeholder in the game, “targetid” is merely a placeholder in this web page, to signify commands which require a goal.
  • Instance: player.Additem 000d83bf

Leading zeroes

Each item, object, man or woman, and so forth. Has an eight character long hexadecimal reference identity. When typing ids, leading zeroes can be omitted.

Example: 00000014.Additem 000d83bf is similar to 14.Additem d83bf.

Console commands fallout 4 Multiple commands

You may input numerous commands right now to be accomplished in a row one after the alternative. Without a doubt separate them with; among each command, as visible within the under example.

Example: prid 00000014; additem 000d83bf

Notice: the console isn’t case-sensitive. While commands indexed right here comprise capitalization for higher readability, it would not matter the way you input them: e.G. Tgm, tgm or tgm will all go well.

Console commands fallout 4 Debugging and mapping:

Help <matchstring> <filter> <form type> – searches for object ids, perk names, or even other instructions. Use pageup and pagedown keys or keyboard equivalents to scroll via the console.

matchstring: The search term(s).

filter: Integer from 0 to 4.

0 – List all results.

1 – List functions.

2 – List settings.

3 – List globals.

4 – List other forms

form type: 4 character form type identifier (used handiest while the usage of

(used only when using filter value 4, otherwise ignored), e.g.: value 4, in any other case disregarded), e.g.:

FACT – Factions.

CELL – Cells of the maps.

ARMO – Armor and clothing.

ALCH – Food, drink and chems.

BOOK – All magazines, notes, and a few schematics.

OMOD – Item mods.

PERK – Perks.

QUST – Quests.

SPEL – Conditions affecting a character, for better (“Fortify Health”), or worse (“Alcohol Addiction”).

STAT – static items (makes use of the display name, now not the real version call).

WEAP – Weapon

FURN – Furniture. In Workshop mode, a few behave usually (118f4b), some can simplest be scrapped (ab568), even as others cannot be manipulated at all (db85e).

MISC – Miscellaneous items, including all “junk” items.

NPC_ – NPCs. (Underscore satisfies the 4 character requirement.)

  • Example: help leather 0 – this can listing the whole thing – object ids, perk names, and instructions – with “leather” within the call.
  • Example: help “leather armor” 0 – – if your search term carries a space, surround it in quotation marks.
  • Example: help raider 4 armo– Lists all armors with “raider” in their call.
  • Example: help “gunner con” 4 npc_ – Lists all NPCs with “gunner con” in their name, like “Gunner Conscript”.
  • ClearConsole or clear – Clears the console log.
  • Notice: While the command is customary, it does no longer clean the console as supposed.
  • ShowAllMapMarkers <bool or bool,bool,bool> or tmm<bool or bool,bool,bool>
  • tmm 1 – Enables all locations as located to your Pip-Boy with fast tour (Does not replace the “locations discovered” statistic in the Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV).
  • tmm 0 – Disables all map markers.
  • tmm 1, 0, 1 –provides all map markers as undiscovered without fast travel.
  • ToggleGodMode or tgm – this fallout 4 item console commands offer the participant complete immunity to harm, radiation and oxygen hunger underwater. It also gives limitless ammo and clip, wearing capability and ap (reloading does use AP with a few weapons). Radaway and stimpaks do now not work while tgm is energetic, but electricity armor fusion cores will still drain, but may be recharged with the aid of the usage of the jetpack. Further, it gives unlimited resources for building items at settlements. Falling from high locations will nonetheless reason the player to cringe as though taking damage, although no harm will occur, and companions may comment as in case you had taken damage as an end result. Never think that fallout 4 console commands not working.
  • ToggleImmortalMode or tim – Character will still take damage, but health will never reach zero; it does not confer radiation immunity, nor infinite AP or ammo.
  • Warning: This will irreversibly screw up your character should you encounter a kill animation (e.g. Deathclaw evisceration) which can lead to your limbs or head being replaced by gibs causing permanent crippling debuffs (perception or agility at 0), inability to equip gear for the affected slots and all your character’s dialogue being skipped (in case of a mauled head). While the visual effects can be solved by entering/exiting power armor, the permanent 0 for SPECIAL stats and your mute player character are impossible to restore and force you to reload a previous save. There are many fallout 4 companion console commands.
  • ToggleCollision or tcl – allows the participant to move in any course, such as via solid objects and/or empty area. (a.Okay.A. “noclip”). It permits you to “fly” over an area and consider it or get unstuck from a region. Ensure to click on an empty area to clear any ids which are being used in the console for this to work, prid without parameters also serves the equal cause.
  • Note: you may still be not able to bypass outdoor the invisible partitions on the boundaries of the map.
  • Note: even as collisions are disabled, NPCs inside the place cannot change region; they’ll strive to walk in something course they had been going earlier than collisions had been disabled, however will most effective be able to walk in location. Anecdotal evidence indicates that this lack of ability to transport may cause their AIS to re-weight the price of the direction of they had been taking, lowering it over the years from a viable path, to a non-feasible or unwanted direction, which may additionally negatively have an effect on their motion in the destiny. (An article on NPC AI abilities and boundaries from someone with a solid understanding of the concern could be beneficial.)
  • ToggleGamePause or tgp – Puts the amusement in a solidified state, notwithstanding when leaving the support. Helpful in a blend with tfc and tm to arrange to idealize screenshots. Sort again to continue the diversion.
  • SetCameraFOV <Third individual FOV> <First individual FOV> or fov <Third individual FOV> <First individual FOV> – The edge of the diversion camera’s level Field Of View settings in degrees. Higher esteems influence a greater amount of your general surroundings to fit on the screen, yet additionally contort the picture more.
  • fov or fov 0 – Sets the default of 70 degrees.
  • fov 90 – Sets the Third individual camera to 90 degrees, and the main individual camera back to 70. In the event that you are in the first individual mode, this can influence it to appear as though the setting was disregarded.
  • ToggleFlyCam or tfc – Decouples the camera from the character, enabling you to move it autonomously in third individual view (constrained in range to degree of current uGridsToLoad cells setting)
  • tfc 1 – Additionally solidifies all movements, helpful for screenshots.
  • SetUfoCamSpeedMult <int> or sucsm <int> – Changes the Freefly camera development speed.
  • sucsm 10 – Half development speed.
  • sucsm 20 – Default speed.
  • sucsm 40 – Double development speed.
  • ToggleMenus or tm – Toggles UI overlay show (counting console). This order conceals all accessible menu’s and User Interface shows. It additionally shrouds the support. It does however not cripple any menu’s or UI shows. They will all still acknowledge client association or summons. Accordingly the reassure can be utilized to enter charges despite the fact that they cannot be seen. Sort tm again to flip the menu’s to be noticeable once more.
  • Note: This can be utilized to shroud the UI for screenshots.
  • Screenshot – Takes a screenshot without expelling any HUD components. The screenshot is put away in the root Fallout4.exe index named “ScreenShot#.png”. Use in conjunction with tm to make the support and HUD undetectable for a superior screenshot.
  • CharacterLight or cl – Enable/Disable/Edit the edge lighting that is utilized on character models. Character Light can likewise be connected to different models that right now don’t utilize it. It can likewise be expelled from models.
  • UpdateGodraySettings or gr – Enable/Disable/Edit God-Ray
  • CenterOnCell <cell edid> or coc <cell edid> – Teleports the player to the predetermined cell’s inside.
  • coc PrewarSanctuaryExt01 – Teleports to the pre-war variant of Sanctuary Hills from the introduction.
  • coc QASmoke – Teleports to a test cell containing the greater part of the things in the diversion.
  • coc RedRocketExt – Teleports to the Red Rocket truck stop, a corner store between Sanctuary Hills and Concord.
  • SetConsoleOutputFile <filename> or scof <filename> – Writes comfort yield to the predefined document.
  • Note: While the summon is acknowledged, no document or substance is ever produced.
  • RunConsoleBatch <filename> or bat <filename> – Executes indicated rundown of summons as characterized by a content record (.txt) put in the amusement’s registry. Just enter the crude name without record sort endings.
  • Illustration: bat testfile to stack the substance of ‘testfile.txt’, put in the establishment registry.
  • ToggleGrass or tg – Toggles grass show.
  • ToggleTrijuicing or tj – Toggles Trijuicing. [Unknown]
  • ToggleLODLand or tll – Toggles inaccessible LOD show.
  • ToggleSky or ts – Toggles sky show.
  • ToggleWaterSystem or tws – Toggles water show. Helpful while investigating submerged districts. It time-outs in no time flat so you need to return the order. It likewise deactivates when you move into another cell.
  • ToggleWireFrame or twf – Toggles wire outline mode.
  • QuitGame or qqq – “Quick quit”, instantly shuts the diversion.
  • ClearScreenBlood or csb – Removes current blood splatter, clean from blasts and comparable screen impacts.
  • SaveGame <filename> or spare <filename> – Creates a spare document with the given name.
  • Note: Saved diversion isn’t recorded in default rundown of recoveries. To discover the spare made with charge “SaveGame” you have to choose “Load – > Select Character – > Show All Saves”.
  • LoadGame <filename> or stack <filename> – Loads the entered spare document.
  • SetGlobalTimeMultiplier <multiplier> or sgtm <multiplier> – Sets multiplier on in-amusement time. For instance, 1.0 is standard time, 0.5 is moderate mo, and 0.25 is considerably slower.
  • Cautioning: Can break many things. Safe esteems are 0 to 25. Over 50 drops framerate and higher accidents the diversion.
  • cl on or cl off – Turns character lighting on/off which is a counterfeit light the amusement applies to characters/animals.
  • Note: Case touchy so cl on will work however CL ON won’t.
  • cl edge coast – Sets the quality of the character lighting. Will have no impact if character lighting is off. Default esteem is 0.02 and it is likewise case delicate.
  • Case: cl edge02

In fact there are many awesome console commands for fallout 4 such as:

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These are in fact major categories of all fallout 4 console commands.

Console commands fallout 4 Quests

Fallout 4 console commands item list and console commands fallout 4 also contains quest commands.

  • Setstage <QuestID> <Quest stage number> – moves the hunt in your quest log to the indicated quest level. Advocated command for shifting beyond bugged sections of quests in place of forcing the complete quest to end up finished. This command can simplest set the hunt to an in addition degree; it cannot go back you to a stage you have got already completed.
  • Getstage <QuestID> – returns the search’s current stage quantity.
  • Square – show quest goal: generates a list of modern quest targets. Also can be used to locate quest ids.
  • Completequest <QuestID> – completes the given quest.
  • Resetquest <QuestID> – resets the given quest.
  • Warning: this command can doubtlessly damage a quest, and not using a manner to transport ahead on that quest
  • Showquestobjectives <QuestID> or sq. <QuestID> – indicates all modern-day quest targets. If called with no parameters, it’ll return all quests, finished or in any other case.
  • Completeallobjectives <QuestID> – completes all contemporary objectives for the given quest.
  • Caqs – complete all quest tiers: finishes each quest, granting you all quest objects and quest associated achievements, very buggy and can motive the sport to crash.
  • Movetoquesttarget <QuestID> or movetoqt <QuestID> – teleports the player to the questtarget.
  • Showqueststages <QuestID> or sq. <QuestID> – used to show all the ranges of a quest.
  • Showquestvars <QuestID> or square <QuestID> – display variables for a quest by its identification
  • Saq – begin all quests, causes recreation to crash; not able to development to starting scene.

Besides you can also look for the fallout 4 console commands perk points and fallout 4 console commands disable achievements.

Console commands fallout 4 Inventory manipulation

In fallout 4 wiki console commands you can find fallout 4 item console commands.

  • addItem <base_id> <amount> <flag> – Add anything to your stock. Utilize the “help” charge to locate the base ID.
  • Illustration: player.addItem 001EC66A 1 to include each shipment thing. The order isn’t case-delicate. On the off chance that the ID starts with 0’s, they can be excluded (“1ec66a” will work fine in the above illustration). On the off chance that the sum field is left clear the amusement will default to 1.
  • Cautioning: Unlike in past recreations, (for example, Skyrim), negative esteems are never again acknowledged (you can never again utilize negative numbers to utilize this order like “removeitem”), and it will make your amusement crash in the event that you attempt.
  • Banner: Type irregular numbers (like 1, 2, 3) until the point when you get the sort of protective layer you need (Standard, Sturdy or heavy).
  • removeItem <base_id> <amount> – Remove any thing from your stock.
  • showInventory or player.inv – Lists Inventory with question IDs.
  • equipItem <object_id> – Equip a thing from the stock. Valuable for preparing things that don’t show up in Pip-Boy inventory.
  • unequipItem <object_id> – Unequip out of reach things (e.g. Pip-Boy).
  • unequipAll – Unequips all things from a NPC.
  • Cautioning: Using this charge on a character in control protection will cause the power shield edge to be obliterated and the character to be for all time distorted.
  • openActorContainer 1 – Opens any NPC’s Inventory as though they were a compartment. Prepared attire does not appear.
  • drop <id> <amount> – Forces the NPC to drop a predetermined measure of a thing from their inventory.
  • addItem <id> <amount> – Adds the predefined measure of a thing to a NPC’s stock.
  • removeAllItems <ref_id> – Removes all things from the objective’s stock. In the event that a ref_id is indicated it will move the things to the references stock, in the event that it is left clear the things are crushed. Can target holders or individuals.
  • Case: targetID.removeAllItems player will expel all things from the target and place them in the player’s inventory.

Console commands fallout 4 NPC manipulation

You can check out NPC manipulation besides to fallout 4 console commands Xbox one and fallout 4 console commands level up.

  • kill – Kills the objective (unless basic).
  • resurrect – Resurrects NPCs. Won’t deal with NPCs who are “scripted” to be dead as a matter of course, either through a mission content’s impact or an inner information hail.
  • Cautioning: Be mindful that NPCs with disabled appendages/head can bring forth without them or with a gathering of giblets where the appendage/make a beeline for being. Impairing and empowering the NPC again after the revive order should settle this. On the off chance that the NPC is killed in the wake of restoring them, they may likewise neglect to ragdoll on their second demise.
  • A few animals won’t continue their “energized” state when revived, and will basically float along the ground while not moving by any stretch of the imagination. This is altogether reliant on the race/types of the animal – a few known to do this 100% of the time, for example, Brahmin (both pack and non-pack variations) and Mister Gutsy. Crippling and empowering them again will settle this bug, however when not ready to utilize those orders
  • recycleactor – Resets a few NPCs.
  • Note: This causes arbitrarily created NPCs and irregular experience NPCs (like a watching minuteman, marauders assaulting a settlement, or a named voyaging dealer) to vanish totally from the zone. This can be utilized without a “restore” charge.
  • In the event that utilized on the player, it will reset all impacts right now influencing the player. Helpful for tending to glitches. The player’s stock will stay unaltered with the exception of a Vault 111 suit will be included and prepared.
  • It settles the blunder from the above summon by invigorating their model.
  • Utilizing this charge on a power reinforcement casing will restore the edge to its unique area and supplant all present defensive layer pieces with an arbitrary grouping of leveled protection pieces (however the model won’t change until passage).
  • Utilizing this charge on an irregular pioneer will “reroll” the pilgrim, considering a substitute appearance or sexual orientation.
  • Note that this charge will likewise reset the stock of any NPC to their default state, and thusly, any apparatus or things are given to them will be relinquish (the “revive” summon additionally has this issue, make a point to so take any vital things off of their bodies previously you utilize that order too).
  • The order openactorcontainer 1 might be utilized while choosing any NPC with the support to open up their stock (as though you were exchanging things with a partner) as a workaround for the above issues. This will deal with any NPC, including animals and robots (threatening vibe does not prevent it from working, either).
  • killall – Kills all NPCs and animals in the range with the exception of buddies and “fundamental” NPCs that are excessively vital, making it impossible to pass on. They will rather droop down until recuperated with a stimpak, or until the point when enough time passes.
  • kah – Kills all hostiles in the range. Non hostiles are unaffected.
  • setcommandstate 1 – It’s a summon that can be utilized on NPCs or pioneers get things done outside your settlements. An exceptionally valuable charge to make NPCs (monitors, provisioners, and so on.) get into control reinforcement.
  • callfunction “actor.switchtopowerarmor” – A valuable charge capacity to arrange pilgrims/dealers/NPCs out of your energy protective layer when an exchange isn’t advertised. (Can occur once in a while when settlements are assaulted.) First focus on the NPC, at that point sort the order.
  • tai – Toggles the AI on an NPC. This essentially solidifies them until flipped once more.
  • tai – With no chose target it will flip the AI comprehensively. It is fallout 4 ammo console commands.
  • ToggleCombatAI or targetID.tcai – Toggles all AI battle schedules.
  • tcai – With no chose to target it will flip the battle AI universally.
  • tdetect – Toggles AI recognition: Disables AI from identifying anything. Counting different NPCs, animals and the player character.
  • sexchange – Changes the sex of the NPC. It would be ideal if you take note of this does not generally turn out attractive.
  • Cautioning: Only utilize this on dispensable NPCs. This will botch up NPCs fundamental to journeys, yet it can be helped by restarting the diversion and stacking a past spare.
  • setessential <baseID> <bool> – Allows an NPC to be for all time killed or on the other hand – unfit to be killed, contingent upon the esteem utilized (see beneath). Endeavoring to set an NPC that is as of now “basic” (or not) to a similar esteem they as of now had utilized this summon doesn’t do anything.
  • Note: As this requires the NPC’s Base ID (and what’s demonstrated when they are chosen with the comfort is their Ref ID), utilize their name and the “help” order to look into their Base IDs.
  • For instance, to expel Deacon’s basic status, sort help “Minister” 4, at that point utilize the ID it records for him in the above order.
  • setessential <baseID> 0 – Allows the NPC to be for all time killed.
  • setessential <baseID> 1 – Sets them to be unkillable.
  • isessential – Returns 0 or 1 relying upon whether the objective is superfluous or fundamental.
  • getav CA_affinity – Get Companion Affinity Level (Events more often than not activated at 250, 500, 750, 1000 with 1000 being the max, unless in an association with a sidekick which maxes at 1100)
  • setav CA_affinity – Sets Companion Affinity Level to a flat out esteem.
  • modav CA_affinity – Modifies Companion Affinity Level by a relative esteem.
  • resetAi – Resets AI.
  • moveto player – Moves npc with refID to player
  • ToggleControlsDriven or targetID.tc – Allows you to control chose AI.
  • Note: Does not (naturally) evacuate control of your past character. In that capacity all charges like pushing ahead will be sent to both controlled targets. Flip player.tc to expel control from the player character. This would be fallout 4 console commands experience.

Console commands fallout 4 Factions:

  • AddToFaction <faction id> <0 or 1> – Adds focus to group, should be utilized with a prefix or target, e.g player.AddToFaction 0001c21c 1 to add yourself to the player group. 0=friend, 1=ally.
  • RemoveFromFaction <faction id> – Removes focus from group, should be utilized with a prefix or target
  • removefromallfactions – Removes the objective from all groups. Know that this will likewise expel the player character from the “player group” if utilized on them.
  • setally <faction id> <faction id> <0 or 1> <0 or 1> – Makes two groups benevolent with each other. 0=friend, 1=ally
  • setenemy <faction id> <faction id> <0 or 1> <0 or 1> – Makes two groups adversaries with each other. 0=neutral, 1=enemy

There are some more categories such as:

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Stats and character manipulation

  • GetValue <character variable> or player.getav <character variable> – Prints a report of the present estimation of an offered variable to the comfort. See rundown of character factors in this area for cases of what can be utilized here.
  • SetValue <character variable> or player.setav <character variable> <amount> – Sets performing artist esteems to a given sum (S.P.E.C.I.A.L., aptitudes, encounter, protections, activity focuses, wellbeing, and so on). Utilizing setav will influence the liven outline and open new livens for the player to choose from.
  • Case: player.setav speedmult 100 (default)
  • ModValue <character variable> or player.modav <character variable> <amount> – Modify a performer esteem. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. set utilizing “modav” will change in the Pip Boy however won’t influence the Perk diagram – utilize “setav” for this. The esteem will maximize at its ordinary greatest esteem. A negative number brings down the variable.
  • Illustration player.modav encounter <amount>
  • Note: This will furnish you with however much experience you enter as the sum. You will get all levels increased after one level bar fills taking into account liven focuses to be spent. In any case, you’ll have to enable the bar to round out all the experience picked up; in the event that you enter a moment sum before the first is done you’ll need to sit tight for the principal add up to wrap up. Subsequently, utilizing this order with too high a number on the double, (for example, surpassing 400,000), isn’t fitting. You can, be that as it may, spare and load your diversion with a specific end goal to avoid the hold up.
  • ForceValue <character variable> or player.forceav <character variable> <amount> – Force an esteem.
  • Note: It is prescribed to utilize ModAV rather than ForceAV, particularly in the event that you need to return the change later. ForceAV abrogates the programmed computation of on-screen character esteems, and nothing will influence that performing artist esteem again beside another ForceAV or a ModAV. For instance, with a Carry Weight of 200, a ForceAV carryweight 5000 will give the player character a conveying limit of 5000. Getting an additional purpose of quality won’t change that limit, regardless of the possibility that you ForceAV the Carry Weight back to 200 preceding getting the extra purpose of quality. Then again, a ModAV carryweight 5000 will bring about a conveying limit of 5200, getting an extra purpose of Strength will make that expansion properly, and an ensuing ModAV carryweight – 5000 will put the incentive back where it ought to be founded on Strength. Additionally, Player.ModAV Experience ### will include or subtract involvement from your XP pool. Including knowledge with the end goal that the player propels more than one level will just give one liven point, one perk point for every level. Subtracting knowledge won’t lessen the player level. It is prescribed to just add adequate experience to propel one level at any given moment or not surpass 400000 xp
  • Utilizing player.getav experience will yield your current XP pool, and utilizing the player.setav encounter #### (where #### speaks to an esteem you need to have) will bring about including the suitable number of levels AND liven focuses. (Example…when a player.getav encounter is utilized it will bring about a number, for this we’ll say 1000. Presently I need to add 1000 to it I will utilize the player.setav encounter 2000 this will include the quantity of levels sufficient for a 1000 XP pick up, and will include all the perk focuses for the levels picked up.
  • addperk <perk ID> – Adds a particular perk and its rank. For a rundown of advantages see Fallout 4 advantages.
  • Note: This summon does not include going before or succeeding positions inside a perk- it just includes one perk rank. For instance, in the event that you need to be a Master Locksmith (rank 4/4), you should likewise include (or have officially learned) Locksmith liven positions 1/4, 2/4, and 3/4.
  • removeperk <perk ID> – Removes a predetermined perk.
  • Note: For some reason this does not appear to work for the V.A.N.S. perk.
  • CGF “Game.AddPerkPoints” <int> – Adds the predetermined number of Perk Points, they can be spent in the standard liven outline.
  • sexchange – Change player character’s sex.
  • Cautioning: consider evacuating sex-related advantages
  • Cautioning: now and again, for obscure reasons, this order crashes the amusement.
  • setlevel <level> – Set level. Note this can’t be utilized to level your character down.
  • advancepcskill <advskill> – Advance a point on a particular ability branch.
  • showlooksmenu <id> 1 or slm <id> 1 – Edit target’s appearance.
  • Case: showlooksmenu 14 1 – Edit player character (RefID 14).
  • Cautioning: Do not alter non-people.
  • showspecialmenu – Bring up the menu to change name and dole out SPECIAL focuses.
  • getgs <string> – Show amusement settings esteem.
  • resethealth – Refills wellbeing bar, leaves radiation disorder.
  • setgs fJumpHeightMin <value> – Allows you to set the incentive for your hop. The higher the number, the higher the hop. Be watchful as hopping too high will cause fall harm.
  • Illustration: setgs fJumpHeightMin 90 (default)
  • setgs fjumpfallheightmult <value> – Allows you to set the multiplier for getting fall harm. Higher numbers will increment falling harm, zero will totally evacuate falling harm.
  • Case: setgs fjumpfallheightmult1 (default)
  • setgs fjumpfallheightmin <value> – Allows you to set the base separation you should fall before starting to take fall harm. The lower the number the shorter the separation. Setting this incentive beneath your bounce stature will make you take fall harm from hopping.
  • Illustration: setgs fjumpfallheightmin 600 (default)
  • moveto <targetID> – Move to the NPC or item.
  • moveto player – Moves the NPC or item to the player.
  • Case: 0003eff3.moveto player – Moves “Rylee” to the player
  • setrace <race id> – Changes the race of the player. Can be utilized to change into a Ghoul, Super Mutant, or a Synth. You can discover a rundown of the race ID’s utilizing the assistance work.
  • setrace Human – Reverts any race change.
  • Note: Changing into specific races can crash the diversion

Console commands fallout 4 Items, world, and target/reference manipulation

These are fallout 4 all console commands.

This is most effortless on the off chance that you initially tap on something on the planet with the reassure open to target it. You may likewise utilize PickRefById <ref_id> to choose a protest.

  • GetPlayerGrabbedRef – Gives reference ID of presently held Item (To snatch, press and hold E on thing and afterward sort charge in comfort)
  • PickRefById <ref_id> or PRID <ref_id> – Same as tapping on an objective to choose its ID. Helpful for physically choosing world things, (for example, the player got things) if the mouse can’t choose it. Likewise, execute (various) charges on “undetectable” or inaccessible targets.

o        Example: prid 3f2bb; moveTo player; – Selects Strong as a target (wherever he might be) and afterward moves him to the player.

o        This works just with “reserved” NPCs. Many are: if not, going to their cell makes a difference.

  • PickLastRef or plr – Picks the last generated ref. Valuable for choosing objects produced by means of the support without clicking it a short time later.

o        Example: pt 34a3f; plr; modAngle z 180 will produce a latrine specifically before the player, select the recently made reference, and turn it 180 degrees.


  • PlaceThere <base_id> <count> <distance> <direction> or pt <base_id> <count><distance> <direction> – Spawns a question where the cursor is put, toward the path the player is confronting. Exceptionally helpful for correctly putting objects not normally accessible in the workshop, and permits more control over utilizing player.PlaceAtMe. Similar principles for generating weapons that won’t work apply here too.

o        Note: It appears the separation and course parameters don’t influence the way protests are brought forth. If you don’t mind refresh thisif you can motivate them to work legitimately.

o        Example: pt 34a3f will bring forth a can straightforwardly before the player.

  • disable – Hides the chose reference protest.
  • enable – Shows the chose reference protest.
  • player.PlaceAtMe <base_id> <stack amount> <quality> – Spawn a character/animal/thing/Static Object over the player. While the support is open, you may likewise utilize reference targets, at that point just utilize “placeatme” without a prefix to produce over the objective. Stack sum defaults to 1 and can be excluded.

o        Note: If this charge is utilized on a weapon or protective layer, you won’t have the capacity to lift it up. Utilize player.addItem. In the event that ‘placeatme’ is utilized without a prefix, the thing will be produced in the region of the player.

o        Example: player.placeAtMe dedeb will generate 1 BOS uniform and work appropriately. player.placeAtMe df42e will produce 1 battle rifle, and won’t work appropriately. player.placeAtMe 1db4c 1 to produce 1 Deathclaw over you.

  • SpawnDupe – Spawn precisely one copy of the chose reference. World questions that contain products will just copy a solitary thing. E.g. A case of shotgun shells containing 3 shells will just copy a crate containing 1 shell.

o        If you produce a copy NPC, it will just copy whatever things they had in their stock initially. (E.g. bring forth a pilgrim that has diverse defensive layer or weapon prepared). Likewise, in the event that you copy a pilgrim, they should be doled out to a settlement. It is like producing another pioneer from the reassure.

o        Warning: Do not generate copy mission targets or novel NPCs/things. This may prompt unanticipated bugs as well as amusement crashes.

o        Warning: Spawning copy holders or static articles (or anything that necessities to adjust sensibly with whatever remains of the world) is hazardous, on the grounds that things generate aimlessly edges on their X, Y and Z tomahawks, and at various directions from the first. The issue of the irregular points is unraveled by utilizing three arrangements of charges: getangle z, trailed by spawndupe; plr, and after that setangle x 0; setangle y 0; setangle z <Good_Z_Angle> where, for “<Good_Z_Angle>”, one enters the number returned by the getangle z summon. (Consolidating the last two orders sets is enticing, however not all summons produce results in the request they are issued. Issuing the charge sets independently maintains a strategic distance from that issue.) For a few purposes, this outcome is adequate, particularly given the simplicity of changing thing heights utilizing modpos z <offset>or setpos z <altitude>. In any case, if the copied thing’s X and Y arranges must be changed to adjust it to another thing (as a rule the first), at that point information of thing measurements and trigonometry are required.

o        Warning: Spawning a copy of a light-emanating thing, makes a copy of the thing, however not its sparkle (the light it is intended to discharge). The issue, at any rate where electric lights utilizing brilliant power in settlements are concerned, is in the long run resolvable through a mix of utilizing workshop mode to move the copied, sparkle free light beside a light that is now shining until the copied light likewise begins gleaming, at that point wiping out the move to restore the copied light to its unique position. All things being equal, that may just be sufficient to turn-on a light that was off; it might, or may not, procure and hold its gleam. Hence moving far from the settlement (quick making a trip to a far off settlement is a decent decision), at that point returning, for the most part settle any outstanding issues. If not, rehashed utilization of these means should, in the long run, resolve every one of the issues.

  • attachMod <Mod_ID> or amod <Mod_ID> – Adds a mod onto the chose thing.

o        To include a mod or evacuate a mod, you should utilize the mod’s right base ID which will be the OMOD shape sort. Here is a rundown of a portion of the OMOD sorts.

       Armor mods

       Armor incredible impacts

       Armor piece variations (Such as should be expected, tough, substantial)

       Weapon mods

       Weapon amazing impacts

  • removeMod <Mod_ID> or rmod <Mod_ID> – Removes a mod from the chose thing.
  • setScale <decimal> – Set the size of a thing in amusement. It’s generally required to “cripple” at that point “empower” the thing for the new scaling to completely occur.

o        Warning: Using this order to change your character’s size while wearing force protection may make you lose all prepared covering and dress and additionally your Pip-Boy, which can’t be recouped by any known means other than stacking a past spare.

o        Note: Be watchful when utilizing setscale to expansive numbers like 10. You may appear to be huge and intense, yet a little drop-off (in contrast with your size) will be lethal. Bluffs look exceptionally small from 50 feet up, yet at the same time kill you as though you were ordinary size. Moreover cells will in any case just load as though you were ordinary size, and traveling through un-produced cells can crash the amusement. It is proposed to utilize the no-cut summon tcl to avert falling.

  • getScale – Prints out the size of the thing in the reassure.
  • getPos <axis> – Prints out the present position of the protest along a given hub (x|y|z)
  • setPos <axis> <decimal> – Sets the position of the thing along a given pivot (x|y|z)

o        Appears to make a few things disappear.

  • modPos <axis> <decimal> – Adjusts the position of the thing along a given hub by a given sum.
  • lock and open – Lock/Unlock entryways, safes, terminals or some other bolted holder. Other bolt states can likewise be set with exceptional esteems. Open won’t deal with entryways that are “bolted from the opposite side”. You will initially need to press the left mouse catch on the thing keeping in mind the end goal to distinguish what to bolt/open.

o        Values between bolt 1 and bolt 100 set the trouble to that of the Lockpick ability (0-25 beginner, 26-50 progressed, 51-75 master, 76-100 ace).

o        lock 0 – Lock utilizing the past kind of bolt it had, or amateur on the off chance that it had none.

o        lock – 1 or bolt 255 – “Requires Key”

o        lock – 2 or bolt 254 – “Difficult to reach”

o        lock – 3 or bolt 253 – “Requires Terminal”

o        lock – 4 or bolt 252 – “Tied”

o        lock – 5 or bolt 251 – “Banned”

  • activate – Activate a thing, say an entryway that is typically worked by a switch

o        Example: prid 1870D2; enact player; – Manually triggers the UFO Fly By scene for the player. Use with alert.

  • markForDelete – Similar to handicap, will erase anything from the amusement, evacuating it for all time. It might vanish promptly, or it might expect you to exit and re-enter the range.

o        Warning: This support charge can expel vital parts of the guide, NPCs or even the player. Use with outrageous alert.

  • setOpenState <int> – Similar to initiate, however will open and close it without the player using it.

o        setOpenState 0 – Closed.

o        setOpenState 2 – Open.

  • setOwnership – Make the thing yours. (For example a bureau or a bed)
  • setAngle <axis> <degrees> – Rotate/level a protest (regularly one that was set with placeatme) on the ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ pivot. Normally utilized in the wake of putting a Power protective layer outline before endeavoring to enter the casing, with the goal that the player doesn’t solidify (a bug), by tapping on the edge, and setting the X and Y pivot edge esteems to 0.
  • getAngle <axis> – Get Rotation point of a question on the ‘X’, ‘Y’ or ‘Z’ hub; prints the edge degrees on the reassure. Helpful to adjust building things to other building things, typically with the Z pivot, when getting ready to utilize setangle.
  • modAngle <axis> <degrees> – Adjusts the edge of the thing along with a given pivot by a given sum.
  • player.moveTo <ref_id> – Move the player to a protest.
  • set timescale to <scale> – Sets the timescale, the proportion deciding how quick amusement time moves in respect to continuous.

o        set timescale to 20 – 20 seconds go in amusement for consistently continuously (default setting).

o        set timescale to 1 – 1 second goes in amusement for consistently continuously.

o        set timescale to 0 – Stops time of day.

o        show timescale Used without parameters restores the current timescale setting (doesn’t generally work).

o        Warning: Altering the timescale will make the amusement crash if NPCs generated utilizing placeleveledactoratme or moveto player go into battle.

o        Note: A timescale of 0 will avert on-screen characters to cross cell outskirts.

o        Note: Reducing the amusement timescale diminishes quick travel time also.

There are in fact so few fallout 4 console commands not working. All you have to learn is how to use console commands in fallout 4.



Player.Placeatme 20593 will spawn a settler. Settlers spawned this way must be moved to an agreement through the workshop interface (default is “r” on a laptop) before they can be assigned to work.

Player.Placeatme c1aeb – will let you location a workbench everywhere that may be used to build an agreement. Word: presently there’s no known way to get settlers to move on your new agreement (other than sending them from another settlement). To begin building its miles important to set off godmode tgm after setting the workbench.

Setpv commendable 1 – this should let you be capable of commanding a settler, which includes a child who is usually no longer commandable.

Setpv ballowmove 1 – this should will let you pass a settler who is usually no longer movable, along with Marcy long to another settlement.

Setpv ballowcaravan 1 – this should allow you to force a commonly no longer movable settler to end up a caravan.

  • word: you’ll need to speedy travel far away from and back to the agreement for these above 3 instructions to take effect.

Scrapall – scraps all eligible references within the loaded area.

Modifying Workshops

There are also modifying workshops in fallout 4 console commands reddit. These orders adjust settlement workshops, which can affect whatever remains of the settlement.

To utilize these orders focus on the workshop with your console open.

Size Budget


  • The size spending plan is a mix of triangle tallies and draw calls and is designed for every settlement. Each question the player makes in the settlement will utilize a part of both in the financial plan, with more perplexing articles spending more. The spending itself is followed as performing artist esteems joined to the workbench. Note that with a specific end goal to utilize these performing artist esteems you should utilize the numeric id as they don’t have a usable comfort name.
  • The getav charge will enable you to see the present esteems.
  • getav 348 – Will demonstrate the present number of triangles utilized by the player.
  • getav 34A – Will demonstrate the present number of draw calls utilized by the player.
  • getav 349 – Will demonstrate the most extreme estimation of the triangle spending plan for the settlement.
  • getav 34B – Will demonstrate the most extreme estimation of the draw call spending plan for the settlement.
  • The setav order will give you a chance to change the qualities.
  • setav 348 <value> – Will set the present number of triangles utilized by the player.
  • setav 34A <value> – Will set the present number of draw calls utilized by the player.
  • setav 349 <value> – Will set the most extreme estimation of the triangle spending plan for the settlement.
  • setav 34B <value> – Will set the most extreme estimation of the draw call spending plan for the settlement.
  • The modav order will enable you to increment or decline the present esteems. Positive numbers increment esteem, negative reductions esteem. Enables the incentive to change.
  • modav 348 <value> – Will change the present estimation of the triangles utilized by the player.
  • modav 34A <value> – Will change the present estimation of the draw calls utilized by the player.
  • modav 349 <value> – Will change the most extreme estimation of the triangle spending plan for the settlement.
  • modav 34B <value> – Will change the most extreme estimation of the draw call spending plan for the settlement.
  • Diminishing the 348 and 34A esteems or expanding the 349 and 34B esteems will enable you to construct more. Diminishing the 348 and 34A esteems can likewise be accomplished in-amusement by utilizing this endeavor.
  • Note: The financial plans are there for a reason, to shield players from building excessively expansive settlements that could contrarily affect execution. Utilizing these orders to overlook the financial plans could have consequences.(the first time you utilize it nothing may occur except for when you leave the settlement range you won’t have the capacity to get to the region again and the amusement crashes each time you attempt to draw near to your settlement or even quick go there.)

Console commands fallout 4 Papyrus scripts

The Papyrus scripts also exist in addition to fallout 4 survival mode console commands. The Papyrus scripting motor contains countless capacities a significant number of which have no comparable reassure summon. You can call these capacities from inside the support utilizing the accompanying console charges.

  • CallFunction <function> <parameters> or targetID.cf <function> <parameters> – Calls work on referenced target ID.
  • Case: cf “ObjectReference.AttachModToInventoryItem” 536c4 46d90 this will connect the mod “46d90” (overwhelming protective layer) to the base thing “536c4” (metal chest piece) in the targetID’s You could utilize this after additem 536c4 to ensure that no less than one metal chest piece in the objective’s stock will be the Heavy variation.
  • Capacity: The comfort scans for the capacity on any contents at present appended to the reference. On the off chance that different contents are found with a similar capacity, you should clear up which content utilizing the “Script.Function” punctuation. Make a point to encapsulateFunction incites “”.
  • Parameters: These are discretionary, and can be included in the called work needs them. Up to 10 parameters can be included, each separated by a space. On the off chance that the parameter contains a space, embody it incites “”.
  • CallQuestFunction <Quest> <function> <parameters> or cqf <Quest> <function> <parameters> – Calls a capacity on the predetermined mission.
  • CallGlobalFunction <“Script.Function”> <parameters> or cgf <“Script.Function”> <parameters> – Calls a worldwide capacity.
  • Illustration: cgf “Debug.Notification” “Hi.” will show an in-game warning with the content “Hi.”
  • Note: Unlike CallFunction and CallQuestFunction this charge requires that the capacity utilizes the “Script.Function” language structure.

Now you are too much familiar with the fallout 4 console commands xp and console commands fallout 4.

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